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Dynamic Number Insertion

Swap Phone Numbers Dynamically Depending on the Traffic Source

Display a phone number automatically using trackdrive.js or trackdrive.php to track traffic sources, URL keywords, and custom tokens.

Usage Instructions

1. Include the trackdrive optimizer library on your page.

<script src=""></script>

2. Put some numbers on your page

<h1>(855) 654 2938</h1>

<p>Click this number to call now: <a href="tel:+18556542938">+18556542938</a></p>

3. Call the library with your optimizer token.

Your token can be obtained from one of your offers:

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var options = {
    // Your token from
    offer_token: 'xyz'

// Each occurrence of (855) 654 2938 and +18556542938 on your HTML page will be replaced with a Trackdrive tracking number.
Trackdrive.Optimizer.replace_all(options, [
  ['(855) 654 2938', 'human_number'],
  ['+18556542938', 'plain_number']

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1. Download the trackdrive.php library.

2. Require the library on your website:

<?php require('trackdrive.php'); ?>

3. Display a number:

<?php show_trackdrive_number('8519320582390jf9082j9032'); ?>

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This feature, like all other TrackDrive features, is easy to install and quick to set up. Here’s a brief overview on how dynamic number replacement works:

  1. Install a one-line snippet of JavaScript on your website.
  2. Create TrackDrive tracking numbers to track visitors from specific sources (for example, Google AdWords)
  3. When a visitor arrives on your website, TrackDrive’s JavaScript detects their source and swaps their phone number automatically so you can track which sources are sending you phone calls.

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